I am so grateful to the Tao Centre Portland, and the membership program they offer. When I joined Portland membership in January I wasn’t working as much as I would like, and I wasn’t practicing as much as I would like.…

Jodi B. June 2022
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Thank you so much for this gratitude practice. That’s the theme of the day for me. I had an “aha” moment as we were doing forgiveness about a lack of gratitude. I never before connected gratitude with abundance.…

Jitka k April 2022
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In the past year, I experienced financial and relationship challenges and intense emotions such as anxiety, depression and fear. My self-esteem and confidence were at an all-time low and I was close to burnout, resulting in me taking…

E.C. September 2021
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I have had relationship challenges all my life. I scheduled a private consultation. When I received the healing, she asked me whether I had another wish. I said that my work is kind of difficult for me that…

C.C. January 2021
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