I am so grateful to the Tao Centre Portland, and the membership program they offer. When I joined Portland membership in January I wasn’t working as much as I would like, and I wasn’t practicing as much as I would like.…

Jodi B. June 2022
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Thank you so much. I experienced a much needed shift and am now feeling a greater emotional balance.

Holly S May 2022

l came with anger and feel much better now. Thank you very much

Nila H. May 2022

Thank you M Paul I really feel more grounded and my heart more open, I feel very happy and joyful

Ritu M. April 2022

Thank you for this session with the metal element. I feel like I released some grief during this session. Emotionally, I’m feeling lighter.

Holly S. April 2022

I had ADHD as a kid and still have the adult version including PTSD, anxiety, fear, and inability to focus. These inhibited me from having any sense of peace of mind. Today I have no remnants of ADHD,…

J. D February 2021
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I have suffered from depression for nearly 20 years.  It recently became very strong.  It was hard to function and I was unable to work or do the things that I enjoy and love.  I joined the Tao…

B. W. Wyoming December 2020
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