Paul Fletcher

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Certified Master Teacher
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Phone: 808 784 8113

Since the age of 19, Paul Fletcher has been on a spiritual journey. Paul was blessed to have wonderful teaching from two unique masters. Both masters prepared his soul heart mind and body to align with his true spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Paul grew up in a small town in Southern California. After high school he traveled around the U.S and then settled in Phoenix, Arizona where he met his first spiritual teacher. Paul attained a B.A. degree in Divinity from the Ageless Wisdom University. He followed his teacher’s guidance and moved north to the spiritual mecca of the U.S. known as Sedona. There he proceeded to further prepare his vessel to meet his true teacher. While living in Sedona, Paul chose to spend six months in South Korea becoming a Dahn Master in the Dahn Yoga healing system. This system awakened his physical body and its energy systems. Eventually the wisdom of this system was exhausted and in 2006 Paul relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii to support the business of his second authentic spiritual teacher. This segment of his life was infused with very hard testing to prepare him for what was to come.

In 2008, Paul was granted his soul’s wish to align with the soul of his true spiritual father, Master Sha. For more than seven years, Paul developed the healing abilities received from Master Sha. On September 4, 2015, Paul was uplifted by Master Sha to the greatest honor to be a certified Master teacher and Healer. Paul has dedicated his life to serve humanity and has vowed to fulfill this pledge.

Master Paul Fletcher is a talented and well-spoken individual. He is an exceptional teacher and has a talent for sharing Master Sha’s high-level wisdom in a way that beginners can understand and apply  immediately to positively affect their health and wellness.

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