Membership Privileges

NOTE: Physical presence is beneficial however not necessary. The Soul of every registered person or pet is invited to the healing field and will receive the 44x a month blessings.

Mth to Mth
Value Savings
12 – TCHF full hour sessions per
32 – TCHF 30-minute practices per monthIncludedIncludedIncluded$75
Level 1 classes BeginnerIncludedIncludedIncluded$40
Level 2 classes Intmd.$10IncludedIncluded$40
Monthly Happy hourIncludedIncludedIncluded
30 days-focused healingOptional Add-onOptional Add-onOptional Add-on
Class/Event discounts *1*10%25%25%$10-$32
Pets Discount *2*50%50%50%$280/$450
15 minute consultation1x month1x month1x month$75
30 minute consultation15%30%$33/$67
60 minute consultation15%30%$60/$120
Family Discount *3*10% adults
50% children
25% adults
50% children
I Gift of Consultation for membershipOne 30-minute gift consultation
(per 6 maths)
One 60-min. or two 30-min. consultation
(per 12 maths)
 per referral to 6 or 12 month
Credit – 1 Light ball transmissionCredit – 1 Light ball
6 month cost =570
2 month cost =1140
$1495 value
Only $75 MTH
12 month cost=$900
$2270 value

Call 971-254-2700 (9am-5pm PT Mon-Fri)
To Register for this Amazing Membership Program

ADD ON BENEFITS (optional)

    List is updated and Master Teacher invokes the healing only to those within the 30 day window.
  • OPTION 1 – 30 days of Tao Hands blessings for 1 specific request. Cost $100 per request.
  • Option 2 – 30 days of Tao Calligraphy Tracing for 1 specific request from Master Sha Special White Book. Cost $250 per request.

*1* Class/Event Discount

  •  Discounts apply for local Tao Center Portland events only. Discounts do not apply to Global events or Tao Academy classes 

*2* Pet Discount:

  • Physical presence is not necessary. The soul of all registered ones are invited to all 44 Tao Calligraphy Healing Field sessions.
  • You can register for others people’s pets with their owner’s permission.

*3* Family Discount

  • Each family member receives 25% enrollment discount (except children 17 and younger @ 50%)
  • Physical presence is not necessary. Their souls are invited to the healing field.
  • Must be living in same household and is paid by 1 person on behalf of all. Includes children, parents, partner, siblings, step children okay.
  • This discount cannot be combined to create a lower membership fee.

*4* Referral program.

  • Each referred person who registers for a 6 or 12 month program will result in a credit of 1 light ball to the person who initiated the referral. (value $80)
  • Light ball credits can be accumulated for a larger service of same value.
  • Pets and those brought in under family plans do not count towards this reward.
  • Please be sure to advise Melysa (customer service) that you are the referrer in order to receive your credit.
  • The referred person must enroll for the 6 or 12 month program within the first 30 days of paid service for this reward to apply. (Paid serviceis defined as when they pay TCPortland for any consult service, or program.

These classes have been developed for giving a fresh new participant a strong foundation on the basics of this self-healing method and how and why Tao healing works.

Level 1 classes: Currently offered every Saturday morning 9:00 -10:30am PT. These are ongoing weekend 60-90 minute classes. Each class repeats so any new person will be able to attend all of them eventually.

  1. Understanding the Six Power Techniques
  2. Understanding Shen Qi Jing as the Root of Suffering
  3. Understanding Tao Calligraphy Healing Field
  4. The Power of Forgiveness

Level 2 classes  Currently offered every Saturday morning 10:30-12:00pm PT and are only for those who have already completed all 4 level 1 classes. Each class repeats monthly, so any new person will be able to attend all of them eventually.

  1. The Power of your Soul to Heal
  2. The Five Element Theory – Basics
  3. Open Spiritual Channels Foundation – Basics
  4. Seven Soul Houses (Chakras) – Basics

* Country code discount applies to those who’s country qualifies. All additional membership discounts will follow institute approved discount guidelines.